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Donation Campain 2021

Maybe we’re coming at an inconvenient time, but still:

Please don’t click away!

Today is started our little donation campaign. For the first time we want to ask you to support our work.

The „Towel Jam“ is an international non-commercial network of sauna masters, pourers and sauna enthusiasts. Here are people connected to one another who help each other, share their sauna knowledge, exchange experiences and train together. We have made it our mission to share and promote local and international aufguss cultures.

Donation Campain 2021
Simply scan the code and donate or click here

If you like our work, we look forward to your support by donating a small amount that helps us to organize and develop the Towel Jam.

We can proudly say that the donations are not for profit. The donations will be spent on technical support costs. (ZOOM, AMAZON MUSIC, SPOTIFY)
It doesn‘t matter how much you want to donate. Every EURO counts, regardless of whether it‘s only 0.50 eur or more.

Many thanks to everyone who took part and continue to have fun, waving their towel with us, sharing their knowledge or just watching.
Simply scan the code and donate or direct: