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our history & stations

    02. Dez 2022

  • Miramar Weinheim

    Miramar Weinheim

    12. Nov 2022

  • Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

    Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

    07. Nov 2022

  • Lange Saunanacht im BadeLand Wolfsburg

    Lange Saunanacht im BadeLand Wolfsburg

    04. Nov 2022

  • Halloween 2022

    Halloween 2022

    29. Okt 2022

  • Aufguss Schulung Expert

    Aufguss Schulung Expert

    22. Okt 2022

  • Badeparadies Schwarzwald

    Badeparadies Schwarzwald

    A guest in the Badeparadies Schwarzwald (Titisee). A big thank you to the guests for your energy and kind words, it was a pleasure for us to make the ceremony. Sauna area: Palais Vital

    30. Jul 2022

  • Summer is Magic

    Summer is Magic

    "SUMMER IS MAGIC" - under this motto we celebrated the summer with a special sauna event on 23.07.2022.
    As a highlight, we had invited 4 fantastic guests, who inspired our guests with special show aufgusses and rituals.

    23. Jul 2022

  • Reviews


    21. Jul 2022

  • Pfingsten 2022

    Pfingsten 2022

    05. Jun 2022

  • Special Edition for Towel Day

    Special Edition for Towel Day

    25 May-Towel Day.... a towel "just about the most useful" thing there is for hitchhiking galaxy journeys.
    We show our passion daily in our aufgusses. In keeping with Towel Day, we have the matching towel

    25. Mai 2022

  • Mother Day 2022

    Mother Day 2022

    Organisation and realisation of the Mothers Day Event 2022 at Aqualand Cologne

    08. Mai 2022

  • Saunameeting 2

    Saunameeting 2

    30. Apr 2022

  • Easter Event in Aqualand

    Easter Event in Aqualand

    Organisation and implementation of the Easter Sauna Event at Aqualand Cologne.

    17. Apr 2022

  • Valentines Day 2022

    Valentines Day 2022

    Organisation and implementation of the Valentines Day event at Aqualand Cologne

    14. Feb 2022

  • Herbal Weekend at Elaisa

    Herbal Weekend at Elaisa

    Guest at Elaisa Energetic Wellness/Belgium

    28. Aug 2021

  • DAM & Playoff WM 2021

    DAM & Playoff WM 2021

    Despite the difficult and challenging time, we decided to participate in the DAM and the Play Offs for the Infusion World Championship 2021. We reached 3rd place in the German Championship as a team and qualified for participation in the 2021 World Cup with "Tribute to life".

    23. Aug 2021

  • Saunamoves Towels

    Saunamoves Towels

    Saunamoves Wedel Towels produced in Germany

    12. Apr 2021

  • 1 Year Online Towel Jam

    1 Year Online Towel Jam

    Born out of necessity, the Online Towel Jam has become a permanent fixture in the sauna community. Naturally, this was duly celebrated. Online of course

    23. Mrz 2021

  • New Years Eve in Corona Times

    New Years Eve in Corona Times

    We are still in lockdown. Nevertheless, we have decided to support the event in the Coloseum Sauna on New Years Eve.

    31. Dez 2020

  • 2nd Lockdown

    2nd Lockdown

    After just under 4 months in which the leisure facilities were allowed to work, the "Lockdown Light" was decided and implemented. What nobody suspected was that the light version then turned into 7 months of hard lockdown. Give up and reorientate? Continue and hope that the situation will ease? Questions over questions and no real answers. In the end, giving up was not an option.

    02. Nov 2020

  • Update Logo

    Update Logo

    Our logo gets a new colour and is designed more neutral

    07. Okt 2020

  • Saunamoves gets a new member

    Saunamoves gets a new member

    Two people who couldnt be more different. But if you pursue the same goals, have a common passion for what you do-why not pool your knowledge. As of today, Chris is part of the Saunamoves team.

    01. Okt 2020

  • For the first time in the Coloseum Sauna

    For the first time in the Coloseum Sauna

    Palac Saturna Czeladź, Poland - As part of the Oktoberfest, we had the opportunity to infuse in the worlds largest sauna for the first time.
    The tension was naturally great, as we had ZERO experience with show infusions.
    For this event, after 6 months of online training, we finally got to know each other live. With us-Empire of Angel

    25. Sep 2020

  • Finally we move on

    Finally we move on

    After a 3-month lockdown, we are able to resume work under strict conditions for the leisure businesses and saunas.

    16. Jun 2020

  • Online Towel Jam takes off

    Online Towel Jam takes off

    We are sitting in Lockdown and from Denmark comes the idea to bring the sauna online. The Online Towel Jam led by Anders Hage (Nodic Healt and Living) was born. From now on we trained online and made a lot of contacts through that. At that time, nobody could have imagined that it would develop into one of the largest online towel jam communities within a very short time.

    23. Mrz 2020

  • 1st Lockdown

    1st Lockdown

    The first Corona Lockdown was decided on 16 March 2020 and came into effect on 22 March 2020.
    Overnight, the ovens stayed cold and we were completely unprepared in the occupational ban.

    22. Mrz 2020

  • 1st Logo

    1st Logo

    10. Mrz 2019

  • Foundation of Saunamove

    Foundation of Saunamove

    #saunadiebewegt... with joy, passion and attention to detail. The fuel that drives the engine is courage, passion, ambition and discipline

    05. Feb 2019