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FAQ-we answer the most common questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about individual topics.

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FAQ-we answer the most common questions

Questions about sauna bathing

  Can I enter the sauna without a shower?
It is a matter of course to take an extensive shower before taking a sauna bath. Because nobody wants to inhale the unpleasant body odor of the person sitting next to him. After showering, dry yourself off well, because dry skin sweats faster
  Why am I not allowed to talk loudly in the sauna?
An important reason why sauna-goers visit this wellness oasis is to enjoy the absolute silence that prevails at this place. For this reason, loud conversations among the guests are not only undesirable, but also rude and out of place. Because no sauna guest is interested in what they had for lunch today or what marriage problems they have.
  Which towel should I take with me in the sauna and how many?
Since the sauna bath is usually entered naked, the sauna towel should be large enough (two meters is sufficient) to completely cover the intimate area. In addition, attention must also be paid to the material. Ideally, the sauna towel should be made of absorbent materials and offer first-class comfort. Therefore it should be avoided to use a very cheap model. This is because as a rule it is not able to reliably absorb sweat and thus cannot fulfil its purpose. Experienced sauna users always have at least two towels in their pockets. One of them is used as an underlay when taking a sauna and the other one is used to dry off afterwards.

Sauna and health

  Does the hot air damage my airways?
Through the hot sauna air we breathe in, we stimulate the blood circulation in the nasopharynx. The sauna is good for the lungs and their volume. If you breathe correctly, your lungs are trained in the hot air. You can really breathe deeply in the heat. There are also no harmful substances in the air. It is almost like a fresh cell cure for the maltreated airways.
  When can I go to the sauna again after the birth?
Doctors assume that taking a sauna about three to four months after birth is possible without hesitation. But this does not apply equally to every woman. To be absolutely sure, you should therefore ask your gynecologist.
  Is it allowed to go to the sauna when sick?
The short answer is no. As a matter of principle, one should not go to the sauna when sick. Only go to the sauna when you are healthy. Please do not go into the sauna with a dripping nose, cough or even full-blown bronchitis. You are not doing yourself or the other sauna guests a favor.
  Can I go to the sauna with sunburn?
A sunburn is first of all a burn, 1st or 2nd degree. That means it is always accompanied by skin damage. It is not only the redness that causes pain. The upper skin layer itself is badly damaged and thinner. And this is where one of the effects that we usually love about saunas gets in the way. As is well known, sweat washes away dead skin cells - and thus also makes the protective layer of the body a little thinner. In addition, bacteria can penetrate wetting or open wounds. We from Saunazeit, therefore strongly advise against going to the sauna with a sunburn
  Should you avoid alcohol in the sauna?
Alcohol and sauna do not belong together. Because alcohol in the sauna can be life threatening. The heat in the sauna dilates your blood vessels. This is not bad in itself, it is even a desired effect. This way more blood flows through your body. This in turn causes your heart rate to drop. The problem is that alcohol basically causes the same thing. It also dilates your blood vessels. They are then so permeable that the blood only flows leisurely through your body. In plain language this means that your blood pressure drops.

What many do not dare ask

  Erection in the sauna, what to do?
If such an incident occurs in the sauna, some tips can help to remedy the situation. First of all, keep your eyes on the ceiling or the floor and not on the other participants who might be responsible for the excitement. This makes it easier to think of something else and get the erotic thoughts out of your head. Then the situation should loosen up quickly. It can also help to solve a difficult arithmetical problem in thoughts.
  Can sauna trigger contractions?
In general, we can give the all-clear on this question. The heat cannot cause contractions in the first two trimesters of pregnancy. But in the last three months caution is advised. Here the heat can cause contractions, but it is not the biggest problem.